New year entails another task for a lawyer which is to catch more interest from clients. But being specific is something that most of the lawyers lack. Remember than an effective business development plan will help ensure that you stay in the business for a lifetime.


This is the reason why this article will share some particular ideas and goals that every lawyer who also offers career counseling for lawyers should achieve.


- Understand Your Firm

It is very essential for you to know the website of your firm. Doing this will help you know and understand your offices, practice areas and senior management structure. If you are knowledgeable with your firm, then it will not be too tough for you to impress your partners.


- Use the Resources in the Firm

Do not hesitate to work with your team's professional business development for attorneys and marketing department team. The main purpose of them is helping you in building your career. You can expect these professionals to be expert in what they are doing. You should meet with a member regularly and gather information. If you are just new in this business, then you probably need their help.


- Your Biography Should Be Regularly Updated

Do not forget the importance of regularly updating your biography. When you search a firm's website, you will notice that the biography section is the most-read by visitors. Once there is a slight change with your career or any transition, then that should reflect on your bio. In addition, you need to include the presentations you have given and articles you have written. How much active you are can only be known by your potential clients if you let them know.


- Make a Short Speech

An elevator speech is also a good way so you can have a successful plan for your business development. In 30 seconds or less, you should create a speech explaining who you are and what you do. This is actually considered as the best tool that you can make use of throughout your career. Just make sure to make your speech perfect.


- Participate

Whenever there are seminars or local pubs that your firm is hosting, then you should involve yourself. Aside from supporting the firm's effort, you will also get to know some people that you have not known before.


- More Personal Interaction


One key factor to achieve your goals is to make a stronger relationship with your clients. Having a good relationship means you have to interact more with them. This will then increase the percentage of satisfied clients in your services rendered. You can make use of different methods to ensure better relationship with your every client. Make sure that you don't lose contact with them. You can read more attorney information at